6 Month Local SEO PLan


If you are unfamiliar with local SEO watch this short video (45 seconds) for a quick overview. 

When you hire me to take on your local SEO this is the outline of the campaigns that will be run over a 6 month period.  In additon to running these campaigns I maintain a watchful eye on your competitors movements in the search engines and keep you informed of any changes that may require counter movements on your part.


Most of the services described in this plan work towards helping local businesses rank.  However, if you're running a national campaign, these services willl also be of value to you especially if you have a business address to use.


Your business should  be able to make the google maps snack pack once it has gone through the 6 month SEO plan listed below.  In highly competitive situations it may take more.   I can only tell if it will take more by doing a close analyis of what your competition has done with their SEO.  I have the tools that will reveal what your competition has done to obtain their rankings in the search engines.  For example, you are a Florist competing with 10 other florests and 5 of those have well established websites with a strong web presence then it could take more to overpower them.  


One of the onsite things outside of this plan that I recommend for some businesses servicing multiple cities is local landing pages.  Local landing pages are designed to rank for multiple cities and keywords.  Things like embedded maps, local videos, driving directions, and testimonials are "must-haves" alongside 500-1000 words of content.  

Month One

In month one I will perform a citation campaign very similar to MOZ Local.  I have your listing submitted to the core data aggregators along with a set of 25+ authority citations.

Month Two

In month two I will expand on the citations previously built and start a Socials Foundation campaign. In all I have a list of 300 high quality Social sites that I will use.  In month one your site will be listed on the 50 most authoritive of those 300.


These Social Foundations will give an unstructured citation along with a backlink from each site and help strengthen your brand recognition with Google and other search engines.

Month Three

In month three I continue to slow build out local citations at a rate of 40 per month till they are done. There is also the option of adding in Rich Media Citations which includes script writing, voiceover and video productions wrapped into a link building service.  If you chose this add-on I will syndicate the content on 50+ video, audio, and image sites.  You'll get links and citations from them all.

Month Four

In month four I continue building citations and social profiles.  I may also recommend taking advantage of our Press Release service.  I like press releases because not only will you get a contextual link inside of the PR itself, but you'll also get a bunch of unstructured citations from the business name, address, and phone included with the syndications.  We can write an dsyndicate the PR for you and have two different syndication options that will send the PR out to a unique set of sites.

Month Five

For month five I recommend that you start to explore our organic link building services.  Over time we've found a lot of high authority sites that allow us to sign-up and host content on them.  These are not risky PBNs, they're mostly niche-based community sites.

Month Six

By month six you should have some fantastic rankings.  From building a diverse set of links and citations over a six month period, your monthly reports should show a nice progression of improved rankings.  Going forward we want to focus on completing the remaining Social Foundations, exhausting the remaining link building strategies below.

Itemized Services That Are Used Throughout The 6 Month Plan