AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning Local Visibility Report

I am going to start this report looking at citations first. Currently AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning is listed on Google My Business incorrectly as AirOne Conditioning and Heating. Correcting the GMB would improve the citation report because the majority of the citations are going with the desired name, AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning. Since the GMB is incorrect at the time of running this report the places showing incorrect because of business name only are actually correct (ie: like facebook)


Despite the error GMB report, AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning, is still landing some valuable positions in the local searches for their area.


Here is the rank checker report for the 26 search terms I found in their service area. Note that many of the results show organic (org) only and no local (loc). At the present I think correcting the GMB will solve that problem.


Focusing on correcting the GMB then cleaning up and building more citations would be where I would start. Here is how AirOne Heating and Air Conditioning is looking on their current GMB report


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