Denton Family Dentistry Local Search Visibility Report

Local Search Visibility refers to how visible a business is for customers that are trying to find the products or services provided by the business. Because 70% of these searches are going through Google this analysis is going to look only at Google. Especially Mobile and Map searches that are initiated from smart phones.

In order to measure our local search visibility we first need to know the search terms that our target market is entering into Google when they are looking for our products and services. This is where we get into the foundation of search engine optimization, keyword research.

In this report I used the Google Keyword Planner to find relevant search terms for Denton Family Dentistry’s website that are used by people in the Denton, Tx area. In the spreadsheet below I recorded the average monthly search volume for the last 12 months along with the bid value. This bid value is what pay per click advertisers are paying to get clicks on that term. This is important because bid value is a good indication of the buying intent behind the person using that search term.

There are also columns labeled “Google”, “Mobile” and “Maps”. These are three search types tested. Google is the result from a computer search, Mobile from a smart phone and Maps is the result when searched using Google Maps. Latest surveys show that over 70% of iPhone users prefer map searches.

Looking at the spreadsheet we see that “dental crown” is marked in red and has >50 for each of the three search results. This means that Denton Family Dentistry was not found in the top 50 for any of those searches when the search phrase was “dental crown”.

The next one “dentists close to my location”, doesn’t do so well on Google or Mobile, but for the users who used the google maps they would find Denton Family Dentistry in the #4 position.

Third on the list, “dental implants”, Denton Family Dentistry is nowhere to be found for people using Google or Mobile, however, they show up #4 for Google Maps users, which is good because of the growing popularity of that type of search.

You might notice a lot of search phrases marked in red. Those are searches that Denton Family Dentistry has poor to no visibility on. Those with “>50” mean they were not found in the top 50.


So where do these ranking numbers come from? The report was created using BrightLocal, which records and logs all it’s results. If BrightLocal says it found your site on #7 for search term “abc” then that is a simple fact, not an estimate, and they show the screen shots to prove it plus you can test it yourself to verify the accuracy.

Here is the Ranking Report.

Note: The web version has more interactivity and gives more information, the pdf below is for printing out. Click here for web version


Google My Business Report

The GMB report shows use a good snapshot of the GMB profiles health and a list of the top 10 businesses for five separate search phrases. Along with the top ten for each search phrase we see some important metrics about each which can help us understand their SEO strategy and develop a strategy to counter them.

Below is the PDF version for printing. Click here for web version


In summary Denton Family Dentistry is missing on a lot of very profitable Google searches. But they are running Facebook Ads to help drive brand awareness and have a 2 year history of running Google Adwords that SpyFu has recorded. Running Adwords will keep them in the game for many of those searches that show in Red. Even if they were number one on many of those searches I would still advise to use adwords because there will always be those users that click ads and make a purchase.


I reject the idea that paid advertising is only temporary till you are ranking on all the profitable search terms. Even if you are #1 for all the keywords there are going to be four sponsored ads above your #1 organic spot and guess what? When dealing with people who are ready to buy, over 60% will click an ad. The saying that only 3% of searches result in a paid ad click is covering ALL searches which includes people doing research and just surfing around. When it comes to the ones ready to actually spend money, that’s what counts.


Ok, I got off track. If Denton Family Dentistry is aware of the deficiency in their Local Search and has a plan in place to improve those ranks then Great! Otherwise, we should talk ­čÖé

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