Local Search Domination

When you retain my services it is for the purpose of dominating searches for relevant keywords customers are using to find products or services offered by your business.  How long this can take will vary depending on many factors.  I have a local SEO strategy that will build out over 300 high quality citations and Social profiles over a six month period that will give you a strong advantage in Googles graphical display known as the Snack Pack.  For many businesses this will be all it takes.  In more competitive verticals, where the competition has done a lot of good SEO, it will take more work and more time.


While my team works on developing the citations and social profiles I will be digging into keyword research and finding high quality back links.  Using advanced SEO analytical software I can find the most profitable keywords and best back links that the most successful competitor in your vertical are using.  Armed with this information I will work at obtaining the best back links and optimizing your onsite SEO to target the most profitable keywords.


Google can be slow in it’s ranking process.  There is no safe way to trick Google into putting you at the top of the heap.  Google is in the business of delivering the best results to it’s customers search requests. If your site has no rank it can take up to 6 months before Google gives it the rank. Generally you will see domination of local searches by that point.  An exception to the rule would be in highly competitive verticals where your competition is spending money on SEO and is not going to let us bury them without a fight.  While it will take a longer time to dominate I will work hard to find the profitable keywords that they are the weakest on and go after those first.


Once you are on top I will continue to monitor your ranks along with your competitors and advice you of actions needed when movements occur.  While on retainer I will not work for any other competitor in your vertical, my #1 interest is the success of your business.




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