Schrader Plumbing Local Search Visibility Report

Schrader Plumbing caught my attention when they claimed a listing on TexasPlumberNow the other day. As I read the description I noticed they focused on servicing people in the Fort Worth area from their Bedford Address.



Notice that the same phone number is used for both locations? This caused Google to only recognize their Bedford location! I realized this when the Bright Local ranking report run from the Ft Worth area only showed organic results.


When I manually search “plumbers in Fort Worth” Scharder Plumbing is nowhere ¬†on the map.

plumbers in fort worth texas


I carefully went back page by page till I found Schrader Plumbing on Page 5. It was the Map entry for their Bedford location. I never could find their Fort Worth location, hence my reasoning that Google ignored the Fort Worth location because of it’s same phone number.

Schrader Plumbing On Page 5


Based on the results I obtained with Bright Local ranking report and searching for plumbers in Forth Worth I think the conclusion that Google is ignoring Schrader Plumbings Fort Worth GMB is conclusive and the problem is caused by the identical phone number.



So on both GMB profiles and on the main site Schrader Plumbing is using (817) 262-0989. I found that they also have a landing page targeting Bedford.

Schrader Plumbing Bedford Tx

Based on that discovery I would modify their GMB for the Bedford location to use the phone number and landing page for their Bedford customers. This would require cleaning up the citations they currently have but should allow Google to distinguish the two GMB’s as separate business locations. The end result is that Schrader Plumbing will show in the Local Search results for the large population in Fort Worth, Tx where they are presently not visible.

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