Rafflepress Tweet Message is Not Performed By Bots

RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to run a successful giveaway on your website. Aside from creating giveaways, RafflePress has tons of features to grow your email list, website traffic, social media followers, and more. This is what makes it a super-effective lead generation tool for small businesses.

On Jun 26, 2021 I launched a give-away, using RafflePress, that had the primary objective of encouraging entrants to share twitch clips of varous quake players on the entrants personal twitter profile. I initially setup to have clips by NyxGirlPower, AlmarilQC, DistroyA_, CarnageJohnson and IamFortyLions. All of which have channels I enjoyed watching.

A day after adding Johnson he asked me how I was getting all these different people to share his clip on their twitter. Three days later he asked me to turn the notifications off because there were a lot of people sharing his clip with a mention. No problem, I turned that off. I mentioned this to NyxGirlPower and asked if she wanted me to change the mention. She responded that she was ok with them.

At that point I decide to leave it as if unless someone told me the mentions were troublesome. I had the tweet message signed so that they could easily reach out to me if they had any request. For example, DistroyA reached out to me to provide what he felt was a better clip of his gameplay.

On Saturday I was watching the stream on IamFortyLions Twitch Channel, Quake Challengers RO16 AMERICAS w/ Liquid rapha, when @GirlNamedMaggie called me out in chat with a an accusation that I was running a bot farm

I responded that there were no Bots, the tweets in question were shared by entrants in a giveaway contest to earn points. It is a two step process. First they tweet it, then they copy the link of the tweet and submit it so that it can be verified to have taken place. The accusation that a bot is being used to RT a clip is simply false. Here is the Tweet a Message feature from the RafflePress Documentation that documents how the process works.

Now she starts with the insults. This is what is known as an ad-hominin attack. Since she cannot attack me with facts and intelligence then she has to resort to attacking my character.

Yes, they are real people. The enter the contest and some of them (about 25%) will use the Tweet a Message action to earn extra points in the give-away. I have a detailed log file of their registration and actions. When they do tweet out a message, that action is recorded in a MySQL database along with the URL of the tweet that they must provide in order to get credit.

Again, GirlNamedMaggie comes back with more BS. My God is she ignorant. Completely ignoring the FACT that entrants in a give-way contest, run using the Rafflepress plugin, are sharing tweets, she comes up with this conspiracy theory that a farm of bots are replicating these tweets. She probably heard it from Q, lol.

GirlNamedMaggie is just grasping at straws and making shit up. She is also confusing a mention with a hashtag. Again, the entrants go to the rafflepress contest page and click on “Tweet a message”, that opens up a tweet window to their profile with a preformatted message. Once they finish sharing that message on their twitter profile they obtain the url of that tweet and submit it back into my database where it can be verified.


You do not need permission to share a twitch clip on social media and I didn’t flood their mentions, contestants who shared the clips, had the mention along with the clip so that the person in the clip was given credit. It is common to give a mention when you share an article or video another person.

Then she goes on

I checked and double checked for mentions to @son_of_till and DMs and found nothing. As I mentioned previously, others had no problem reaching me, one to request no mentions, another to update the link contestants were asked to share. As far as blowing up all you are blowing up is your own stupidity.

More false claims

You just cannot fix stupid

I am literally spending $100 on a gift card to entice people to share (promote) other people’s twitch clips. No permission is required to share Twitch clips on social media.

Then she quadruple downs with more lies

Again, these are no bots and as far as the the little drama girl claiming forty’s mentions flooded for weeks. The first Tweet message was sent on 6/29/2021 at 22:54 by Bradly Marquis ( a real person)

The tweet message was used 98 more times after this, by different entrants in the contest, with the last use on:

7/6/2021 at 15:25  by Rita Leanord (another real person)

The Tweet Message in question was part of the contest for 8 days, not weeks. It was replaced by a message promoting Quakecon on 7/6.

So 40 or so people were asked to tweet out a message asking their followers to check out Forty’s twitch clip and they complied. Again, not bots and certainly not spam. These tweets were sent by real people, on their own twitter accounts. There was no violation of Twitters TOS.

This girl really is stupid, on the level of Q-Anon conspiracy theorists. She is insistently claims bots are copying and pasting tweets that were entered by contestants using the Rafflepress Tweet A Message action. Here are screen shots of what the entrant goes through to share the tweet.

User clicks “Tweet Clip Quake Rail Shot” and is presented with the two step process. When the click the Tweet button under step 1, the window below opens so they can complete the tweet. In Step 2 they need to put in the URL of the tweet and submit it so they get credit.
Clicking the Tweet Button (under step 1) a new window opens for the user to complete the tweet process. Once the user hits the Tweet Button, in the upper right corner, the tweet is sent to the twitter profile they are logged into

In summary

The untrue conspiracy theory claim that this is a botfarm is a lie by an ignorant little girl. The very activity of contestants that chose to share this content exposed both the contestants and their followers to the game of Quake Champions, which was the intention of this from the beginning. You can see the glass as half empty or half full.


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